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Film Alliance NW is dedicated to providing an open forum for all Inland Northwest film, video, media, and live entertainment professionals, amateurs, and enthusiasts in an effort to promote knowledge, education, workforce training, and networking.

Film Alliance NW is a network of congenial people whose many diverse interests converge in the film industry. Together, we play a pivotal role in growing a vibrant industry.

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 CDA Press Highlights Film Alliance Project

The following is an excerpt from : ‘Slammin’ the Scammin’ , A Coeur d’Alene Press feature article appearing on Nov. 5.

Crystal Reiber slammed down the phone, exhaled heavily and shook her head in dismay.
“Scammers,” she said under her breath.
Although the disgust with telephone scammers was feigned for a video shoot Tuesday afternoon, Reiber has good reason for wanting to tell the community to be alert.
“Two relatives of mine were ripped off,” said Reiber, the president of Film Alliance Northwest. “Every single morning, at 7 o’clock, the same scammer, exactly the same scammer would call.”
Reiber, of Post Falls, and her FAN colleagues are in the production stages of a short video titled, “Eight Ways to Hang Up on A Scammer.” Their script scrutinizes different kinds of scams, including the “obituary scam,” where scammers claim a recently deceased loved one owes money, and the “IRS scam,” which claims people need to pay balances so they don’t go further into debt…read more

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